Todos los artículos We've got our eyes on Mexico for 2023 (so we turned to our expert for tips)

We've got our eyes on Mexico for 2023 (so we turned to our expert for tips)

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We’re all about our community at Tripadvisor. And the beating hearts of that community? Our Destination Experts (or DEs, as we like to call them). Our DEs are the super-contributors in our forums—the first to answer your questions and act as your most plugged-in travel companion for trips anywhere in the world.

With Mexico at the top of our travelers' wishlist for 2023, we checked in with our DE Mexico expert Christian Tardif for his favorite spots in Cancun, Puerto Morales, and more.

So why do you love Mexico?

Mexico is my passion. My first trip to Cancun was around 1976 and at that time there were only three hotels in town. I remember there was an old wooden boat, which would ferry chicken, goats, and locals to Isla Mujeres.

Since then, I've taken more than 50 trips to the Yucatan Peninsula—and everytime I go I discover something new. And, yes there's no question Cancun has become super touristy in the last five years, but don't let this stop you from going. There are still plenty of places where you can avoid the crowds and get a feel for the real Mexico.

And where do you recommend we go?

If you want a quiet vacation, you should consider Puerto Morelos, a traditional fishing village between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. For both beautiful beaches and activities, Playa del Carmen is ideal. Its main strip, Quinta Avenida, is lined with restaurants, shops, galleries, and cafes. I love it so much that I just bought a house in a nearby neighborhood.

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Shaved ice at a food cart in Mexico
Ancient architecture and ruins on the beach in Mexico

I also love learning about Mayan history and culture. El Castillo at Chichén Itzá, is a must-visit and a new section of the ruins called Chichen Viejo is set to open to the public soon.

Any lesser known spots we should visit?

There are tons of lesser known gems nearby that I highly recommend like Mérida, the capital of the Yucatan; it’s a wonderful city with great restaurants and Or Isla Mujeres, a pedestrian-only island with little pools and beaches like Playa Lancheros, where you’ll have the sand to yourself.

Mexico has blessed me in many ways, and I’m lucky I found it because a lot of people travel the world over and never feel this kind of connection to a place.

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