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A great day out
oct. de 2021 • Familia
Truely an amazing farm, the course showed me how every step in their production of meat considered the ethics and rights of animals. They were also so warm and friendly. You won't regret going, it was a great day!
Escrita el 23 de octubre de 2021
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Hornchurch, UK112 aportes
Countryfile weekend
sep. de 2021 • Pareja
I would first of all like to say that we greatly enjoyed camping on the farm grounds. However, the reason for only giving a three out of five rating is the very poor toilet & wash facilities. I hate to complain but what little facilities there were, were in an awful state. Luckily we had our own toilet roll! The toilets could do with a regular clean, the one I sat on felt like it was going to fall off it's mount when I sat on it. As a man it is awkward to have to use a shower that is located in the "womans" bathroom! I found this not only very awkward/embarrassing but also somewhat strange considering we on a farm run by a Muslim family.
We get the whole ethos of running a sustainable farm. Everything else we loved. The farm animals, hearing and seeing the Owls & Woodpeckers was a joy. The family members that we met were all very helpful and friendly. Please just sort out your washblock and it would be perfect.
Escrita el 15 de septiembre de 2021
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Londres, UK287 aportes
A very interesting day out at the farm but tickets on the expensive side.,
ago. de 2021
Willowbrook Farm is an eco-friendly halal sourced farm. The farm offers weekend activities at a cost. At just under £10 for children and just under £15 for adults this is on the expensive side.

The farm opens at 10.00am and the host starts the tour from 11am. The host is very knowledgable and spoke in depth about the animals and how they operate. All very interesting. Children get the chance to feed goats and pet horses.

There is a nice forest play-area for children and lunch options are available. Delicious burgers at £7.50 a pop.

We did not stay for the afternoon activity or to see the shop.

In my opinion there is a to big a gap between lunch (12:30) and the next activity (2pm) which leaves dead time and not much to do. It is unfortunate the farm shop is not open until 2.30pm.

If the organisers are to improve things I would

1) Have the shop open throughout the day
2)For the expensive cost of the excursion provide a free burger for each paid for ticket

Still a good day out and I love the way the brothers and sisters organise the operations of the farm.

Farm opens at 10:00
Meet the Animals at 10:30
The Farm Tour will start at 11:00
Explore the farm from 11:30
Lunch is available from 12:30
Our Seasonal Activity will start at 2pm!
Farm Shop will be open from 2:30pm
Escrita el 29 de agosto de 2021
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1 aporte
Surprisingly poor experience
jun. de 2021
This one night camp turned out to be the worst camping experience of my life. On arrival the camp site seemed lovely and we all looked forward to a fun night however it very quickly turned into a nightmare. We had made camp well away from other campers and made our way into the woods to play and explore, on return to our tents we found we had been surrounded by a group that far exceeded the current legal maximum (30) and they had no intention of social distancing. This made our group feel so uncomfortable we decided to pack down and move to another area of the field. I made a complaint to the owner who explained that the group were 3 bookings and he suggested we move (we were), he also said that he asked the 3 groups to camp separately and not combine as one group. This was ignored and over the course of the night the group kept spreading out. Finally the noise went down and we got some sleep, however this didn’t last long. The group were up at 5am playing football where the campsite rules state to noise before 7am. A phone call to the number given by the manager for any issues went unanswered, and when asked about the call when we left a member of our party was told that the phone had run out of battery, and that they thought the message had been from a previous day.

I understand that this was a single nights visit, and the manager had no knowledge that the 3 bookings were actually 1 group circumventing current law. However the manager and staff made little attempt to operate within the law despite the complaints, and to use the excuse that your emergency contact phone was out of battery is pretty poor.

This may go against other views on here, however After last nights experience I could not recommend this as a place to camp near Oxford. There are far better run sites.
Escrita el 27 de junio de 2021
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Wembley, UK1 aporte
Lazy Sunday walk round the farm
abr. de 2021
Wanted to try out some of their produce (which by the way is excellent) so popped in to try out a walk round the farm on a 'Lazy Sunday' whilst picking up our order from the farm shop.

The farm itself is in a lovely tucked away spot, with some woodland and a small brook running through it. The kids loved playing in the woods, plenty to keep them entertained with rope swings and treehouses to explore. Also had lots of fun getting up close with some of the baby lambs and animals in the 'menagarie'.

Their ethos is about running a sustainable, eco friendly farm, so as you'd expect it's small and no frills, but that's kinda the point and is what gives it it's charm. It's humble, personal and great fun.

Looking forward to trying out a Saturday Open day next!
Escrita el 21 de abril de 2021
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1 aporte
Re-set yourself
ago. de 2020
This for me, is a magical place. Yes, the eco- toilets need some getting use to, but don't let this deter you from staying. We resided in the newly added cabin. It is basic, but a fantastic alternative to tenting it. All my four children thoroughly enjoy being here (11,8,5 and 3 years), so much so that we returned for another stay in the same month.

The farm is big enough for some exploration, but small enough that you don't worry about you're kids getting lost. The highlights for my children were interacting with and "helping" staff, feeding the goats and watching the milking. Stroking Gracie the very gentle, human-friendly horse and the woodland playground. This kept them busy enough for a few days. They did not want to leave on both occasions! (Nor did I tbh).

My highlights: waking up early and watching the sunrise whilst sitting outside with my cup of hot chai (whilst the kids were still fast asleep..bliss!) and sitting around the campfire in the evening (I also enjoyed some walking!). Just being surrounded by nature and animals away from everyday city life had a deep and restful impact on my soul. We are sure to return here year after year insha'Allah.

We also visited Thrupp Canoe Centre, which is a picturesque one hour walk away , highly recommended for all ages. Has a nice cafe here too.

Tip: If you prefer quietude go in the weekdays rather than the weekends which can get very busy ( although the farm have more activities running then).

Oh yes, and the organic, halal beefburgers, bought from the farm shop and cooked on our bbq were amazing! As were the crisp, organic apple juice and speciality ice-cream.

The family who own and run this eco-friendly farm are very warm and welcoming which made all the difference! A big thank you to them for sharing their precious space with us the general public!
Escrita el 2 de octubre de 2020
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Rameen H
Birmingham, UK36 aportes
sep. de 2020 • Familia
Had the best time at Willowbrook today, the staff are amazing and so helpful and there’s so much for the kids to do. Will definitely be visiting again
Escrita el 27 de septiembre de 2020
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1 aporte
sep. de 2020 • Familia
The whole experience is amazing and regardless of below complaints Myself, My children and most males from my family & friends will keep visiting (once a year)

Beautiful peaceful family atmosphere. No alcohol allowed on site.

The farm always has some type of activity for the children whether it be milking goats, wood cutting or seeing other animals on the farm.

Children have access to a wonderful play area in the woodlands which they (and I) love.

You can walk to the top of a hill within the farm.

The owners do not discourage campfires.

You can purchase delicious & clean meat from the farm.

Due to the price and toilets we won’t be coming as regularly as we’d like to.
The price for over 5’s is £10.50 on weekdays £14.50 on weekends! It’s a bit too much. There should be a different rate for children at the very least.
In any case I think £14.50 even for adults on the weekend is astronomical.

Unfortunately the toilet situation is not good for a number of reasons;
Firstly; Because of the eco friendly toilets the women in my family will never visit again, also I am not able to bring my disabled uncle here as he will also not be able to use these toilets. Generally speaking the eco friendly toilets are full of flies and bad smell. I believe there should be some regular toilets and at least 1 additional for disabled people at minimum. Maybe there could be a small discounted rate or a free bag of wood, or a bag of waste to throw away without charge for people who agree to use eco friendly toilet.
Secondly; even when one gets used to the eco toilet at night you realise that there are no lights in any of the toilets! This has resulted in torches & phones falling in the wrong places. We need light in all of the toilets!

The bag of wood sold by the farm (£5) is literally made up of branches and big twigs. It is more cost effective buying a bag of logs from any petrol station.
Escrita el 4 de septiembre de 2020
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Redbridge, UK1 aporte
Commendable. Camping is always good for the soul
ago. de 2020
First time camping for the family and I and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially with the ethos of "stewardship" and the mantra of wholesome living and products.

I did read the reviews beforehand but as so many had excellent experience I took them with a pinch of salt.

This weekend the farm had 25 camping families and I believe Lufti and family kept up the pace and the demands of paying customers.

Jam making was an experience. If possible, we should be able to take some home.

The Tree Houses in the Farm are brilliant for kids over 5yrs young.

Not recommended for kids under 2 but that would be a family choice to camp accordingly.

Commendable and happy to support.
Escrita el 31 de agosto de 2020
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2 aportes
The worst campsite to visit!!
ago. de 2020 • Familia
Very poor customer service where the owner actually patronised and shouted at my wife and kids aggressively for leaving a gate open that was put open by someone else. Looked annoyed soon as we came looking at my children like they were dirt. The toilet facilities are absolutely disgusting with no cleaning provided. Expensive compared to other beautiful campsites. Never again avoid at all costs!!!
Escrita el 10 de agosto de 2020
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