Affeckinger Cemetery

Affeckinger Cemetery, Kelheim

Affeckinger Cemetery

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500 year old cemetery
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Since more than 500 years citizens of Affecking buried their dead next to the the old Hl. Kreuz kirche. The first enlargement towards the East happened in 1892 (formerly the surface amounted to approximately 14 ½ decimal places), the decision of 15 July 1937 for a further increase failed due to the fact that all funds remaining were needed for the construction of a new parish church, and as meanwhile Affecking was included in the city of Kelheim burrials within Kelheim district had to take place in Kelheim city. After the war it was extended again in Northern direction, which prooved to be just a temporarily solution for some decades. Finally the city of Kelheim built new "Wadfriedhof" to be used by the whole metropolitan area a and changed the license for other cemeteries to 15 years: during this period only spouses- unmarried single children and parents whose their children were already buried here were aloud to be burried at this cemetery, which prooved to be a bone of discontent and led to a lot of disagreements between former residents and the rest of the citizens.
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