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John Licharson
Kingston, Canadá379 aportes
feb. de 2020 • Solitario
If you are a birder, or even have only a passing interest, you will find the drive up to Anse-Bertrand from anywhere in Guadeloupe and a stop at this site well worth doing.

There is a well placed hide in which individuals, groups or families with kids can sit and watch many different species fly in, out and around the first two mangroves: several kinds of herons, as well as pelicans, gallinules, coots, doves, grebes, kingbirds, warblers, finches, grassquits, the Guadeloupe woodpecker, the saltator, spotted sandpiper, etc. (And, if not half blind, colour-blind and deaf like me, probably a lot more😉.)

In the hide also are several photo and textual (French) information aids to identifying and leaning about the more common birds. These are good for kids and for those with only passing interest who may wish to know a bit more.

There are several paths which one can explore that go throughout the area and around the other mangroves and afford lots of opportunity to see many more birds, as well as other species of flora and fauna. Though a bit overgrown, these are not difficult to negotiate. (The only down side is that some inconsiderate ignorants have left garbage about or used some places as a dump.)

Highly recommended either for a few minutes or for several hours, depending on your interest in nature. If you are staying in or near Anse-Bertrand, you will be lucky enough to be able to be there early morning or late afternoon for the best birding. But it is good any time of day.
Escrita el 25 de febrero de 2020
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Site Ornithologique De Ravine Sable (Anse-Bertrand) - Lo que se debe saber antes de viajar - Tripadvisor