Kerry Sea Angling
Kerry Sea Angling
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Aberdeenshire, UK22 aportes
mar. de 2017 • Amigos
Despite a website with information, booking details, prices etc I got an email back saying they don't work out of Gairloch anymore. Disappointing and they need to update their website
Escrita el 6 de marzo de 2017
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Southport, UK16 aportes
ago. de 2016 • Familia
My 13 year old son and I took a 3 hour trip and had a great time.

It was a very wet afternoon with met office weather warnings. It did rain heavily, and while the canopy did help, we were soaked through by the end of it. My main issue was the amount of rain that went down my sleeves! Still fun nonetheless.

We went a few miles before we started fishing for mackerel. While the first spot didn't yield any, the second one did. They were pretty much jumping straight on the hooks. We did get a few lines tangled and the group lost a few weights, but they were dealt with without any fuss. One of the others on the boat caught a good sized pollack too. The sea was pretty calm.

We threw the small ones back, although the skuas following us enjoyed some. After a while, we moved to a different spot to see if we could find some different fish. Some smaller fish were cut up to be used for bait. A few of us tried some raw mackerel... Sashimi was never fresher, although the best knife skills were not in evidence! In the last couple of spots we did find some ling (member of the cod family).

Fish were gutted en route back to harbour (a messy job on a boat) and the skuas and gulls enjoyed the bits thrown overboard. A seal followed behind the boat in harbour.

We didn't take too many action pictures as we were too busy fishing, although we did get some snaps holding the bigger fish caught as we headed back to harbour. We did take some of our fish home for dinner - take a bag! With such wet weather, we were glad we were staying close by so that we could dry off quickly.

The website for the company is out of date as regards the prices and also the freephone number didn't work, but we called ahead using the local number and everything went smoothly.
Escrita el 4 de agosto de 2016
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Edimburgo, UK3 aportes
jul. de 2016 • Familia
I feel that I need to warn others about this incredibly unprofessional and unpleasant company.
Having checked the Kerry website, we headed to Gairloch for a boat fishing trip as a treat for the kids (who have been looking forward to it for months!). At the counter there seemed to be considerable confusion regarding the price, despite it being clearly advertised online but after a bit of discussion (not sure why this should be necessary) we agreed a time and a price for a trip the same afternoon. It meant we had to hang around in the rain for 4 hours waiting but we all wanted to go so...
Come 5pm the owner of the boat showed us onto the boat but then informed us that we'd have to pay another £20 on top of the amount already paid; I neither had the extra, nor was I willing to pay it after we had clearly agreed a price and already paid! I was STRONGLY under the impression that he assumed that as I had kids with me that I would just pay it to avoid their disappointment. He clearly felt that it wasn't worth his time to take us out and told us to pay or get off. We got off.
I went to the office for a refund and was told that they had to charge more because the boat had had some work done on it and they needed to make the money back by charging more. I pointed out that the website didn't reflect this but was told that they don't update the website so they just charge what they like - we were given 3 different prices by 3 different people!
Needless to say, my kids were extremely disappointed, crying and angry at the unfairness which was made worse by the really unpleasant attitude of the owner. He showed absolutely no concern for this and quite clearly couldn't be bothered taking us out when his profit margin wasn't fat enough (BTW they were trying to charge £25 per person both adults and kids which seems ridiculously high for a 2 hour trip).
Altogether, a really unpleasant experience; completely of their own making due to a ridiculous lack of communication and very poor customer service.
Escrita el 26 de julio de 2016
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