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Miembro desde oct. de 2007

mujer de 25-34 años

Londres, Reino Unido

I love travelling, reading, meeting new people, anything that has to do with water, teaching, dancing, getting to know new cultures, drinking, cooking and having a good time doing nada the Mexican way. While travelling I like both---cosmo city life and the timelessness sense of small villages. Besides my former college friends and a couple of colleagues, I've met most of my friends on the road, a train ride, while camping at some off-the-city airport or in some cafè, tea place, shisha bar, or while bar hoppin' & clubbing. I've learned that we are incredibly ALIKE and that the different political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds only add to the beauty of this massive playground called earth. If we could only acknowledge that!! Hope you don't think I'm a party animal... I believe seriousness is the most important of all virtues, one that is getting lost in the middle of our current apathy toward world affairs.
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